In 2008, a mandatory pension law was enacted, which obliges all employers to make a mandatory deposit for a pension fund. However, despite the great importance of pension provisions, most employees today, even in the most senior positions in the economy, do not carry out sufficiently professional pension planning and do not give their financial future the attention and resources they deserve. In fact, according to a survey by the Israeli Consumer Council, 86% of employees do not know in which investments their money is invested and 54% of them will not be able to say what the monthly allowance will be in their hands when they retire.

With these data, the importance of a professional body with financial, pension and insurance understanding, which knows how to guide the public of employees and assist them in personalized planning for their pension funds, becomes more and more important.

For this purpose, we established a complete pension system at Lamda for employees, controlling owners and executives, which helps them to build a long-term provision system and regular support if necessary.


Among the group’s services:

  • Building a set of provisions for the controlling tenant adapted to the revenue cycle and the annual tax ceilings.
  • “Budget pension” for controlling owners.
  • Pension planning for controlling owners who are entitled to an annuity
  • Building a system of allowances for seniors