The course is intended for agencies or companies interested in increasing the employees’ knowledge of cyber insurance and making the product accessible in a simple way to the clientele.

The course takes place in a face-to-face/zoom format in Hebrew/English, and includes, among others:

  • Introduction to the world of technology industries insurance
  • Basic concepts in the world of technology and cyber
  • Basic concepts in the security of organizations and companies
  • Rai Global Cyber Insurance
  • The cyber insurance industry in Israel
  • How to manage a cyber incident and help the insured in times of need
  • How to manage a cyber insurance claim
  • How to explain to the client the risks the organization faces during a cyber-attack and its need for cyber insurance
  • Customization of the policy chapters for the client
  • How to prepare an offer to sign correctly

*During 06/23, registration will open for an open cycle intended for insurance agents only.