Lamda Risk Management and Finance Insurance Agency (2021) (hereinafter: “Lamda”) a registered partnership engaged in finance marketing,
Pension and insurance, it will be made clear that  is not a pension consultant and is not
Provides pension consulting services from among all the entities that exist in the economy. Lamda is an agency
For insurance that markets pension and elementary products. Insurance products and other related products
It is entitled to commissions directly from the various institutional bodies and producers in the economy for each product
Insurance and non-insurance that Lamda takes care of for the customer. including commercial agreements with the entities
The following institutions, broken down by products:

In the pension field: Clal, Harel, Migdal,
Phoenix, Menorah, Altshuler Shaham.

In the field of finance: Altshuler Shaham,
Yelin Lapidot, Excellence, Clal, Meitav-Dash, Analyst, ABI, Harel, Moore, Slice and Hellman
Aldobi in the field of alternative investments: hedge funds, debt funds, investment funds and more.

In the field of insurance and savings: Clal, Harel, Fenix, Migdal, Hachshara, Menorah
and Ayalon.

In the elementary sector and special risks: Harel, AIG,  rule, tower,
Fenix, Hachshara, Menorah, Ayalon, David Shield and Passport Card.

Lamda is a privately owned firm and does not belong to any insurance company
or the investment houses.

*** The conditions
Only the terms of the policy are binding

*** T.L.H