The event of death is a sad and tragic event in the life of the family, accompanied by mental difficulty and great sadness, during which there is also a need to take care of the deceased’s money, savings, provident funds and life insurance.

Sometimes, the tedious handling of the financial aspects and dealing with the regulatory barriers on the way, arrive on the most difficult days for the family unit.

In order to assist families in their difficult time to manage the deceased’s finances correctly, which will prevent mistakes and loss of funds, Lamda currently provides services that help them handle the inheritance funds, while providing close and empathetic accompaniment at the time of death.

Among the group’s services, you can find:

  • Assistance in the request for an inheritance order / order to maintain a will.
  • Exercising rights from existing insurance policies.
  • Handling the receipt of funds from pension instruments while assisting with the taxation aspects.
  • Handling the receipt of residual benefits from a new/old pension fund.
  • Treatment of receiving a survivor’s pension from National Insurance.