In the coming years, more and more small and large businesses will have to deal with repeated cyber-attacks, which may disrupt their functioning, cause financial damage, to property, and technology, and even damage the reputation and good name they have earned for themselves.

Today, every business, regardless of its size, must prepare ahead of time and prepare an orderly plan, including a series of actions, cases, and responses in case of an attack.

Many experts today claim that the occurrence of an attack is not a question of whether but a question of when. Therefore, it is very important for you to do everything necessary to avoid shutting down your business.

One of the solutions that can reduce the damage and give you a security cushion in case of an attack is cyber insurance for small businesses.


What is Cyber Insurance for Small Businesses?

In a reality where the prevalence of ransom attacks, network fraud, hacking into databases, and various bot attacks are only increasing, cyber insurance for small businesses provides insurance coverage in the event of several scenarios, including:

Expenses for various investigation and trial procedures that relate to the attack:

  1. Expenses for various investigation and trial procedures, which relate to the attack
  2. loss of revenue
  3. Refund of ransom payment

and more.