About the Lamda Group

At Lamda, we provide our clients with various financial and insurance services. We aim to offer a seamless, high-quality digital experience that meets your needs. We specialize in managing unique risks, such as cyber insurance, directors and officers insurance (D&O), professional liability, business insurance, and more. Our expertise extends to international markets, and we have a wealth of experience in adjusting insurance plans to meet your specific needs. As an registered OMC at Lloyd’s, we work with various carriers to provide local and international companies coverage.
We take a modern approach by offering you access to our legal department, which always provides legal services, including insurance claims management. Our legal team also offers guidance and support in drawing up contracts to meet the insurance requirements of your valued customers and investors. At Lamda, quality and uncompromising service are crucial in insurance. That’s why we accompany our customers every step of the way, providing personal, quality, and fast service – in any manner that is convenient for you and without compromise.

שחר מועלמי ועו"ד אדם דורון מימון
Adv. Adam Doron Maimon and Shahar Moalami are Israeli experts who provide advanced insurance solutions worldwide.