In recent years, the insurance markets have been developing with the support of technology and globalization. When many of those involved in the field give up in advance on finding solutions for complex insurance cases.

The need to find solutions for special risks by a professional is increasing among companies and high-tech companies in particular.

This 5-session course is designed to provide agents with a thorough understanding of special risk insurance and reinsurance. Through a series of lectures, cases and discussions, the participants will learn about different types of insurance, including directors’ and officers’ insurance, professional liability insurance, cyber insurance, hi-tech company insurance, CRIME insurance, etc.

During the course, the participants will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to help their clients and even impart additional knowledge to the agency’s employees.

The course takes place in a face-to-face/zoom format in Hebrew/English.

The course can be ordered as a concentrated course for insurance agencies/consulting offices/insurance companies, etc.


Link to the course syllabus