Technology companies face various risks and potential lawsuits from multiple parties, including employees, suppliers, investors, and customers. These risks can significantly impact the success of high-tech companies and startups. Investing in the right insurance coverage is crucial to safeguard your business and minimize these risks.

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At Lamda, we specialize in risk management and insurance designed explicitly for high-tech companies. Our tailored insurance solutions provide comprehensive coverage to protect your business and key stakeholders. Here are the essential insurance policies every technology company should consider, even in the early stages:

Directors' and Officers' Insurance (D&O Insurance)

Safeguard your directors and officers against personal claims alleging negligence, such as investor claims, insolvency-related claims, and claims from competitors or employees. D&O insurance is often mandatory for high-tech companies seeking external financing and is commonly required by investors.

Professional Liability Insurance / Errors and Omissions Insurance

Shield your company from claims filed by third parties for negligence in professional services. Our insurance covers intellectual property claims, employee dishonesty, and more. We offer comprehensive coverage for companies offering combined software and hardware solutions, including product liability insurance.

Cyber Insurance

Defend your business against the rising threat of cyber incidents. Our insurance protects you from third-party claims due to information leakage and covers the costs incurred due to cyber incidents. We've got you covered from loss of income to ransom expenses, legal support, and regulatory investigation expenses.

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Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

Ensure you meet client requirements and protect your business from claims arising from bodily and/or property damage caused to third parties. We can help you review the coverage needed and customize your policy accordingly.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Shield your company and officers from claims related to employee-employer relations. Our insurance covers unlawful dismissal and workplace discrimination, providing crucial protection, especially for US-based companies.

Business Owners Insurance

Safeguard your business infrastructure, contents, and protect against third-party claims arising from negligence. Our comprehensive business insurance coverage includes employer liability, ensuring you're adequately protected. At Lamda, we specialize in creating customized insurance plans that align with your business model and maturity. Our team of experienced insurance agents and lawyers will work closely with you to ensure you have the right coverage. Don't let unforeseen risks derail your success. Invest in comprehensive insurance solutions from Lamda to safeguard your high-tech company. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and receive a personalized insurance plan tailored to your business.