Intellectual property is one of the areas that have developed and progressed the most in recent years, while at the same time, we are witnessing more and more entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations who are aware of their rights to patents, trade secrets, and trademarks they invented, and often end up in court after filing a lawsuit for their illegal use.

When the world of entrepreneurship and high-tech becomes crowded and competitive, we see a significant increase in intellectual property claims, which puts the venture or business in danger and may rob it of unnecessary time, resources, and money. One of the main solutions created in recent years is to provide a solution and allow the company and its employees to operate freely, reducing the fear that, unintentionally, during the activity, they will violate the intellectual property rights of another person or enterprise, is the intellectual property insurance.


What is Intellectual Property?

The term intellectual property refers to rights in intangible assets, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, models (industrial design of a product), and more.

What is Intellectual Property Insurance?

This insurance provides insurance coverage against lawsuits and the management of the lawsuit proceedings, which are conducted against companies that are accused of violating intellectual property rights. The legal proceedings in these lawsuits can be very expensive and reach ten of thousands and even hundreds of dollars, which can cause a company or startup to enter into a difficult problem and even threaten the continuation of their activities. The various insurances that exist today cover, among other things, the defense expenses, the amount you were required to pay to the other party as part of the claim, and the costs of managing the legal proceedings.

Lamda Broking presents comprehensive and professional intellectual property insurance, allowing you to manage your business with peace of mind.

In recent years, we at Lamda Broking have seen the growing need of enterprises, businesses, and organizations for intellectual property insurance, comprehensive, professional, and customized to their needs, which will enable them to conduct themselves safely and reduce the dangers they face. Therefore, we have developed advanced insurance that allows you to cover a wide variety of scenarios during which legal proceedings are conducted against you for an “alleged” violation of the other’s intellectual property rights. We know how to tailor an accurate insurance policy for you in advance, which will give you protection now of truth and allow you to continue to promote the business for which you have worked so hard.