The high-tech industry is a very dynamic world, which includes quite a few risks and opportunities that start-ups face on the way to finding the innovative product or service that will disrupt the market. In this complex and challenging reality, the company faces many parties that may sue the company and claim that it has caused them damage, whether financial or to the reputation they have accumulated.

For this purpose, today we are witnessing more and more start-ups turning to insurers, asking them to adjust different and diverse insurances for them, which will help them carry out their activities for the better and reduce the risk that the company, its officers and directors take. Insurance is an investment for everything, and it helps the company to focus its full attention, time, energy and money on the growth of the business.

Editing an insurance policy makes it possible to increase the chance that investors will want to invest in your company, and attract them to you. The insurance allows you to bring in more customers, attract employees and talents, and more.

In the end, you have to understand that the very competitive reality in the high-tech market often brings different parties to file different lawsuits against you, whether some of them are in good faith or some of them with the aim of sabotaging your activity. Therefore, in such a reality, the importance of insurance is increasing and becoming more critical than ever.

What insurance plans for startups do we provide at Lamda Group?

In recent years, we at Lamda have been providing support to many startups and high-tech companies, as part of which we build an insurance plan for them, which is exactly adapted to their needs and goals, among them:

Cyber insurance

Intellectual property insurance

Officers and directors insurance

Professional Liability Insurance


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