In 2008, a mandatory pension law was enacted, which obliges all employers to make a mandatory deposit for a pension fund. Starting in 2016, the regulator imposes on the employer full responsibility for the handling and settlement of the pension payments, for each of the company’s employees, including controlling shareholders. The law obliges all employers to set aside for a pension product for their employees, when failure to comply with the law exposes the employer to lawsuits for failure to set aside, the employee’s disability, the employee’s death, etc.

In recent years, managing pension arrangements requires a lot of resources from you, in order to meet the regulatory requirements and give the correct and most comprehensive answer to the organization’s employees. For this purpose, the Lamda Group has developed personalized support and management services for pension arrangements for companies and corporations. according to the company’s requirement.

As part of the package of management services for pension arrangements, which we provide to the business client:

  • Operation and settlement by an operator, while reducing the burden on the employer’s payroll in regards to pension operations
  • Building a system of pension provisions for the company
  • Construction of a legal exposure report for the company, in respect of pension provision liability
  • Operation of pension payments with the institutional bodies and creating arrangements with all the leading bodies in the economy
  • Pension support by a marketing agent for the company’s employees
  • Pension support by an expert in the field of human resources and the company’s finances
  • Conducting a pension tender for the company’s employees
  • Assistance in tenders for choosing collective insurance
  • Operation of pension provisions for companies employing foreign workers
  • Treatment of pension provisions for employees employed by an American/European company
  • Accompanying lawsuits filed against the company for violating the mandatory pension law
  • Management of collection and settlement of existing policies
  • Treatment of central funds for compensation.

The professional pension arrangement management service that we provide includes: accompanying the organization’s employees from the moment they are accepted into the organization until the end of employment/departure to retirement by a license holder. Including, periodic meetings with the employees, for the purpose of answering and adjusting the insurance coverage, in any given period.