In recent years, the pension sector has undergone many regulatory changes. Today, proper retirement planning will combine a connection between a proper pension product, comprehensive financial planning, and this at the same time as the most correct tax planning. As you approach retirement age, you often hear many concepts such as amendment 190, fixing rights, the distribution of the tax exemption ceiling and many other concepts that most of us did not know.

Most of us do not know that proper retirement planning begins many years before retirement, since during our working life we experience many events that will affect our retirement pension in the future. That’s why you shouldn’t wake up at retirement age and rely on other factors to “take care of us”.

What should we pay attention to when we do retirement planning?

  • Before retiring and receiving an old-age pension, the retiree must submit a rights determination form to the assessor, this form will determine the rights reserved to the retiree when receiving an old-age pension.
  • Withdrawing their compensation money up to 32 years before the member’s retirement will harm the member’s rights at the time of retirement.
  • Although the declared retirement age for men is 67 and 62 for women, you can start receiving an old-age pension from a pension device starting at age 60.
  • When it comes to a new pension fund, the member can demand to receive the old-age pension from any pension body and he is not obligated to the pension fund in which he has been saving for years.

Lamda experts’ tips for smart retirement planning

  • Retirement is an important event in the member’s life, today there is great competition between the entities and it is possible to move between the pension funds before the member’s retirement in an easy and simple way. We recommend consulting with a pension license holder before signing pension receipt documents.
  • Before signing annuity receipt documents, you must carefully check the conditions in the event of the member’s death and what the rights of the survivors/beneficiaries will be, God forbid, in the event of death.
  • Withdrawals from any pension product, including a continuing education fund, must be carefully examined when retiring, as withdrawals from old existing products can cause irreversible damage in most cases.


The Lamda Group specializes in retirement planning for employees, the self-employed and those with control

Our services include full and ongoing support of the retiree, from the actual receipt of the first pension and throughout the retirement years.

Among the group’s services you can find:

  • Guidance and retirement planning
  • Determination of rights
  • No. layout
  • coordination no.
  • Implementation of taxation strategies and reduction of tax liability at retirement.
  • mock retirement
  • Investment management for pensioners through a variety of financial instruments.
  • Intergenerational inheritance planning.
  • Drafting of a will and lasting power of attorney.