Cyber insurance in the new world is becoming more critical than ever

ביטוח סייבר בעולם החדש - קריטי יותר מאי פעם

As businesses and people continue to rely more and more on technology, the need for cyber insurance grows. In fact, the global cyber insurance market is expected to reach $14 billion by 2026, with an estimated annual growth rate of approximately 22.8%.   But what exactly drives the high demand for cyber insurance? One major […]

Insurance for issuing securities to the public – (POSI)

The transition of a private company to become a public company (or a reporting company in the case of raising debt from the public) is a complicated procedure full of risks for both the company and its officers. A public offering is made by the prospectus. To the extent that there is a misleading detail […]

training funds

A tax-free savings device intended for employees (employer’s benefit) and the self-employed for a period of six years or more. At the end of a period of six years, the balance in the fund can be withdrawn with an exemption from capital gains tax. Most training funds are managed by the investment houses and insurance […]

Business insurance

Insurance that covers the company against loss caused by damage to the property and structure. In many policies, additional coverages can be added as part of the policy, for example: loss of profits, third party, employer’s liability, electronic equipment and more. This is basic insurance that must be purchased at the start of the activity. […]