As businesses or companies, every year you pay the premium to the insurance company in the hope that when you need the insurance the insurance company will be there for us. That’s where the problem may start. The insurance company and the insured stand on both sides of the barrier, with each of the parties having opposing interests.

In addition, since in company insurances of all types, the insurance costs are significant and, on the other hand, insurance event controls, the compensation amounts are estimated in hundreds of thousands of shekels or dollars and even millions of dollars, professional and very active management of insurance claims is required.

There is a unique legal department that specializes in managing insurance claims. We provide quality legal support in managing the claim against the insurance company. We make sure to challenge the insurance company in the interpretation of the policy and the applicability of the coverage, we provide regular advice to our clients on the recommended strategy in managing the negotiations, and we even prepare a preliminary opinion regarding the chances of the claim.

As an insurance broker, we take care of managing your insurance claims from A to Z. From collecting the documents, proofs and various facts to filing the claim and updating the status of the claim. Sometimes, the claim is filed with an international insurance company in a foreign country, and we know how to handle such claims as well.